Losing Green to go Green… eh?

Cloth diapers save. right? They save money, trips to the store, diaper rashes, and undoubtedly trees, I’m sure.

Disposables also seem to save! They save time, laundry, energy (electrical as well as human kinetic energy), and space.

Okay… so which is right for you?

What I found in my experience of cloth diapering is that besides the planet… you’re really not saving that much. Yes, disposables cost lots over time… but I never realized how many accessories you need to fully run a cloth diaper only show.

-Laundry – an extra load at least every other day (4x/wk ave) $18/month

-Detergent (Yes, a special ‘non-residue leaving’ kind) $10/month

-Wet bags: ideally: two large for nursery (2 so one can be in use, 1 in wash) and two small for on the go (same philosophy for having two) $50 one time

-Diaper sprayer- to help rid the dipe of poop prior to washing $45 one time

-Diaper system: G+liner+insert, BG+insert, Prefold+snappi+cover, etc Lets round to $15/diaper, needing about 12 at least… $180 one time

Totally $275 + $28/month

Disposables – they can be as much as 30c/diaper… but does anyone actually pay that? With coupons and deals I’m usually around 22c/ diaper.

6 dipes/day for 30 days… 180 dipes at 22c each = $40/month (this rings true with our monthly diaper costs)

So… $40 – $28 = $12 saving per month with cloth. But wait… that $275 sits heavy on my checkbook! How many months would it take to recoop that initial cost? $275 / $12 = 22 months

This may not be how it breaks down for you though! If you are already using a ‘free and clear’ detergent, don’t care for a diaper sprayer it may pan out differently… just some poop for thought! 🙂


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Puj Tub Review

Due to my extreme necessity for a working infant tub, I volunteered to try out the Puj tub. Here’s what happened:

Tub arrives. I open box… this took a while, but I needed the practice as Christmas is just around the corner. I “assemble” the ‘no assembly required’ Puj tub. Hmmm… this doesn’t look right. There apparently is a WRONG way to assemble… and I found it. (Don’t worry, it will be my own little secret). Baby starts crying and I attend to him, leaving the mis-assembled tub on the table. After a short period of thought, I figure that I assembled the tub backwards.

When I get back to the tub, I note the pictorial directions have the “puj” on the tub facing forward. This shows the front and I quickly and properly assemble the tub again. [Assembly = folding two sides in until the magnets snap.]

I wonder about when I should give the tub a try. As you may have heard, I am unable to currently bathe my baby by myself… so I am tentative to give it a go with nobody else home: can I really trust those Puj people and their ‘quick and easy’ claims? I bashfully wait.

Later that evening my little sweetie gave me three good reasons to bathe him. Poop one, poop two, and poop three. This occurred in a 10 minute period. [Side note: I used to work as a nurse assistant and was required to chart this kind of patient activity. I often wondered at what point is one ‘BM’ actually a second ‘BM’? I had to wonder that here as well… Was this ONE poop that I just didn’t wait long enough for before changing the diaper, or was it three separate ‘movements’!? …tmi?] So besides whether or not there was one or three… bath time was underway.

Puj tub enters the scene. I ‘assemble’, place in sink, strip baby, and bathe him. Yeah. That easy. No commentary. Okay… for reviews sake maybe a little…

Official Puj Tub Review

Set up is easy; just fold the foam bath in two places and the magnets snap together.

The tub fits in every sink in my house other than the deep kitchen sink.

Baby looked very comfortable in the tub. The soft foam cushions all around while supporting the head.

The perfectly placed drain holes keep the water flowing through the tub so the soapy and possibly pee-water rinses out. However there is enough sitting water below the drain holes that baby’s little bottom gets soaked well.

The baby’s legs remain primarily out of the water. When baby started kicking it sloshed the water a bit but not enough to splash out. The tub cushions the legs still so he wasn’t banging his heels on the hard countertop either.

My baby is 4 months old (Puj tub is designed for infants 0-6mo), so he was on the big side to use this tub. During the bath one of the folded edges at the bottom unsnapped. This probably wouldn’t happen with a smaller or more still baby, but despite this the tub still functioned perfectly. The end that unsnapped was held up by the side of the sink, keeping the general shape of the tub intact.

I was curious as to how the baby’s bottom and back would get clean in this style tub. It wasn’t until I saw the water flowing through the tub that I understood. The baby’s bottom is soaking in the water during the entire bath. The soapy water from on top rinses down and is continually rinsing the bottom.

The Puj tub is a great product. It worked better than I could have imagined and I will be happy to use it until my baby is too big!

I will keep you updated on how the tub works as baby continues to grow and on its durability over time.

If you purchase the tub you may be surprised at how simple the tub is and wonder why it cost almost $40. While the tub is simply a fancy shaped piece of foam, I find comfort in the fact I paid for the engineering of it more than its materials. Besides, you won’t find anything else out there that gets the job done so well!

Things about bath time I needed resolved:
-i was wet
-baby wasnt clean
-needed two people
-baby floating out of the water
-baby kicking all the water out
-pee in bath water or on me
-boy parts placement issues (curious?)
-bathroom a mess afterwards
-hard to clean baby’s back and bottom

All of these were overcome with the Puj tub. I was dry afterwards, had a clean baby and did it all by myself!

What can I say? I’m in love with the Puj Tub!

Check out the Puj Tub for yourself at the new web site exclusively for baby bath tubs!

Jan 13, 2010 update

After some wonderful weeks of using the Puj tub… my sweet little baby seems to have outgrown it! At a whopping 28 inches or so, the brute force of the baby unassembles the tub in the sink. I still get the job done, but it has got significantly more messy now that he’s grown some. The tub specs say it should work until the baby is 6 months old. Caden is just a few weeks away from that mark, and long for his age – so good job Puj for an almost perfect estimate of tub duration. I guess I need to go make another baby now, so that I can keep using my Puj tub! [lights go out].

Buy it now on Amazon!

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About Baby Blog

This blog is all about babies & baby products- my faves list!

Basically, I’m cheap. My favorite hobby is Good Will shopping and coming out with great deals. I love Express jeans, but never can bring myself to spend $80 on… Jeans! Thats why Good Will rocks. So I of course love sales and am happy to settle for crap when I leave only spending a few bucks.
Time for a life lesson; one my husband taught me by example. See, he loves high quality, high price, awesome items (well, he fell for me didn’t he). He will wait, research, and save for years before getting the perfect whatever, while I’m shopping and buying the cheapest crap in the clearance bin. So I realized one day that while I have over 20 bras, I end up wearing my two favorites: the expensive ones from Victoria’s Secret. And while I get great deals… I end up frustrated and go out and buy what I really want in the end anyways. Epiphany: buying ONE high quality item is more inexpensive and more efficient than buying five cheap things that don’t get the job done in the end anyways!

My point: some things, like Express Jeans can be had for the low-cost of $3 and will look as great as the $80 pair. But sometimes you need to spend what it costs to get what you want. I’m here to help you differentiate between the two.

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Rolling Over

Bum genius

Featuring the bum genius cloth diaper: all in one


At 4 mo 2 wks Caden rolled from back to tummy purposefully all by himself! Good boy!

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Puj Baby Tub

I got my tub in the mail today – looking foward to using it soon! YAY!

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This blog is all about babies & baby products- my faves lists! But I want to hear what you think! And I want to learn all about your top mom items. In any of the comment boxes tell me what you can't live without!

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