My struggle with bathing: overcome!

Sponge Bath:    So the first few weeks are sponge baths, when the navel and other parts (if it’s a boy) are healing. But then what? For me and baby, more sponge baths. A good wipe down was the best I could do on my own. When I had a second pair of hands to help I gave ‘real’ baths a try.

Baby Tub:    The baby tub we have looks like a typical tub. Non-slip backing, drain hole, etc. Once the baby is in it… it doesn’t look like such a good idea anymore. The angle of the tub is kind of steep and without someone to hold the baby in place he would tilt off to the side and out of the tub. Besides, the tub only allowed for the water to come about an inch up on his body before overflowing over the sides. Another obstacle  was that it seemed to be designed by a female, made for females. This ‘obsticle; was a physical obstacle in the center of baby’s legs. As we all know, boys actually have stuff there. So what may be a great design for a little girl baby to keep in place actually became a pedestal of sorts for my little boy’s… well, boy parts. The last thing you need when you’re dipping your naked boy in warm water is an aiming station. Luckily he shot right into the sink… matters could have been worse.

Sink Bath:   Nothing like a slippery baby in a wet sink. Who knew that all that baby fat had such forceful buoyancy!? The baby floated right on top of the water. It took someone else to help hold him in the water for the bath to continue. Once IN the water, my baby used his thunder thighs to kick the majority of the water out. I was more wet than the he was. And then the inevitable. Warm water + baby = more warm fluid. (He just wanted to contribute!) And that lovely addition makes you want an effective bath even more!

Shower:    This came about because I often needed a shower after trying to bathe the baby, and he needed one as well. I had my husband hand me naked baby and I laid him on a towel (so I could grip him) while I showered. My husband had to lather up the baby and I would do the rinsing. This worked pretty well for the front half. The back half we just wiped down as best as possible (sponge style) afterwards. surprisingly this was the most common way to bathe my baby for the first 4 months, however it did require TWO of us.

Puj Tub:   After four long months… I successfully bathed my baby all by myself! (I feel like a real mom now!) The Puj Tub is an innovative new baby tub I tried and fell in love with! I’ll tell you all about it…


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