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This blog is all about babies & baby products- my faves list!

Basically, I’m cheap. My favorite hobby is Good Will shopping and coming out with great deals. I love Express jeans, but never can bring myself to spend $80 on… Jeans! Thats why Good Will rocks. So I of course love sales and am happy to settle for crap when I leave only spending a few bucks.
Time for a life lesson; one my husband taught me by example. See, he loves high quality, high price, awesome items (well, he fell for me didn’t he). He will wait, research, and save for years before getting the perfect whatever, while I’m shopping and buying the cheapest crap in the clearance bin. So I realized one day that while I have over 20 bras, I end up wearing my two favorites: the expensive ones from Victoria’s Secret. And while I get great deals… I end up frustrated and go out and buy what I really want in the end anyways. Epiphany: buying ONE high quality item is more inexpensive and more efficient than buying five cheap things that don’t get the job done in the end anyways!

My point: some things, like Express Jeans can be had for the low-cost of $3 and will look as great as the $80 pair. But sometimes you need to spend what it costs to get what you want. I’m here to help you differentiate between the two.


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About Baby Blog

This blog is all about babies & baby products- my faves lists! But I want to hear what you think! And I want to learn all about your top mom items. In any of the comment boxes tell me what you can't live without!

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